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AMACS Certified Instructor Status

Master, Senior & Instructor
Why be a Certified Instructor?
* Government Recognition
* Martial Arts Peak Industry Body Recognition
* Insurance Company Recognition
* Consumer Recognition
* Martial Arts Qualification Recognition

More Students
Stand out from the crowd, with certified status that gives the clear message of trust, and experience to potential students and or clients.

Increased Revenue
By being listed in Martial Arts Australia’s directory, potential students or clients recognise you have the expertise and run a professional school.

Lower Costs
Reduce your venue, hall and training insurance; community and school hall rental and advertising costs by being nationally recongised as a Certified Instructor.

Industry Leader
As a Martial Arts Australia & AMACS Certified Master Instructor with nationally recognised qualifications you will be seen as a industry leader.
Peak Industry Body
Government Stamp
RTO 3979
3 levels of Certified Status to suit your needs...


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SIS30115 Certificate III in Sport & Recreation

MAA Certificate 'Master Instructor'

Business Resources Pack - Levels 1,2 & 3

Free Access To Business Webinars

VIP Access to Business Mentoring

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Statment of Attainment Completed Units

MAA Certificate 'Practicing Instructor'

Business Resources Pack - Levels 1 & 2

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Statement Of Attainment Completed Units

MAA Certificate 'Assistant Instructor'

Business Resources Pack Level 1

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  • Special introductory pricing for all levels
  • Level 3 Intro VIP $795, RRP $895
  • Level 2 Intro VIP $495, RRP $695
  • Level 1 Intro VIP $295, RRP $395
  • Structured Learning & Teaching Program
  • Nationally Accredited Units
  • SIS30115 Cert III in Sport & Recreation
  • Group School Packs Available
Experience Huge Spike In Students
It's Who Your Are That Matters To Dramatically Increase Your Students & Revenue
image-photographyEverybody is more connected now than ever before and as a result they have the expectation(s) that the schools, clubs or academy's that they go to have instructors who are experienced, have the expertise, i.e. qualified and certified in their field and provide excellence in the products and services they offer.

Continuous Professional Development is a must to stand out from others and be noticed by potential students and or clients in the industry. The most recognised qualification by everybody these days is being a “Certified Practitioner”, e.g. CPA (Certified Practicing Accountant), CPEng (Certified Professional Engineer), CFP (Certified Financial Planner).

These qualifications provide a point of difference that gives the message of trust, knowledge, experience and qualifications that people understand and prepared to pay for these services. Martial Arts Australia as the leading martial arts peak body, is bringing this same powerful branding and recognition to you with the establishment of a CPI – Certified Practicing Instructor through the AMACS – Australian Martial Arts Coaching System.

Certified Practising Instructor (CPI) status is most sort after position for a martial arts instructor because it is gaining recognition from multiple areas and holds a high commercial value. The Australia Martial Arts Coaching System (AMACS) plays an important role in securing this position.
CPI status is made up of five elements:
* Government Recognition
* Martial Arts Peak Industry Body Recognition
* Insurance Company Recognition
* Consumer Recognition
* Martial Arts Qualification Recognition

So what are you waiting for, take the next step and get Certified and get a Nationally Recognised qualification SIS30115 Certificate III Sport & Recreation (RTO 3979) with Martial Arts / Self Defence units. This is what will make you stand out from the other schools and academys around you to drive more students and revenue to you!
Find out more about AMACS programs by visiting our courses page at AMACS Courses after all you only have everything to gain!
What Experts Think About AMACS Courses
The need for effective coaching / communication skills is vital for clubs to prosper.
AMACS courses provide the core framework for building knowledge
and skills at the same time.
Mark Longman
Martial Arts Owner / Instructor
Business Owner / Trainer
  • AMACS courses are a great initiative by providing ongoing training; and at the same time public recognition as a industry certified instructor that prospective students and clients can trust.
Paul Mracek
Martial Arts Owner / Master Instructor
Business Owner / Master Trainer
  • Martial Arts Australia has brought an industry game changing program. Providing general public recognition of certified instructors that are professional, qualified, and experienced.
Graham Slater
Martial Artist / Master Instructor
Business Owner / Marketer
  • As Chairman of MAA I believe it’s essential to have a structured nationally recognised training program for the industry that ticks all the boxes. To find one that provides benefits to our members by increasing their students and revenue growth is particularly exciting.
Michelle Doe
Martial Artist
  • What a great program, something that I can do in my own time and that uses technology the way it should. The 3 levels provide recognition of progress and can be used to help get more students.
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