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Everyone deserves to get home safe!

Take control now for you & your family's self protection the AAA way...
Awareness, Avoidance & Action...simple, practical and effective.

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Our popular AAA self defence programs are simple, fast, effective and practical for those who are looking to protect themselves as well as your loved ones. We run a range of programs covering those with no experience through to advanced programs for those looking to take their skills to the next level to be even more effective.

What makes our AAA programs different and popular is that they are based on the body's bio-mechanic principles that are easy to remember and use.

“You’ve Just Found The Most Effective & Realistic Street Self Defence System For Self Protection That Really Works!”

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Defensive Tactics is more than self defence!

Everyone deserves to be safe whether it is at home, work, or being out socially.
Defensive tactics covers the other aspects of self protection and personal safety as well as the physical aspects of self defence. Why not find out more about our AAA principle based teaching methods and will be surprised on how easy and effective they are...

Learn From Anywhere

Our unique online learning program, allows you to start and learn matter where you are!

Flexible Schedule

Timing is never an issue anymore, as our programs are flexible and ready for when you have time...24/7!

Go At Your Own Pace

AAA programs suit your needs by being designed to allow you to go at your own pace with no pressure. 

Our Students

Come from all around the world and find our programs simple to understand and easy to use.

Our unique AAA approach of Awareness, Avoidance and Action allows every student to quickly develop a skill set that is practical and builds self confidence at the same time.

As our students come from a range of areas, we have designed our defensive tactics programs to suit whether it is for the community, family or professional needs. 

the world

The AAA program took me beyond what I thought I could do...

"I started the program with no experience and thought I would struggle with learning the self defence moves. I was amazed on how simple it was to learn and how easy it was to move someone bigger than me..and to make them think twice. It has helped me being aware when out and around and has increased my self confidence a lot..the program has delivered more than I ever expected.  

- John

Your Teachers

Meet your coaches for your learning journey. These instructors will help you reach your goals.



Paul Mracek

Defensive Tactics - International Coach
NLP Trainer / Master Coach

Over 25 years of experience in coaching and teaching defensive tactics, self defence and martial arts across a range of professions including security, as well as to general public.



Erhard Wiedemann

Defensive Tactics - Coach
Certified Security Trainer

Over 30 years of experience in security and crowd control, coaching and teaching defensive tactics, self defence and martial arts for range of industries, as well as to general public.

Where should I start?

We often get asked this question and from experience the first step is to find out whether a course ticks the box(es) for what you are looking for. Unfortunately many people have been on the receiving end of an aggressive person usually under the influence of something, either while out socially or while driving.  

We believe that it makes sense for you to see what one of our programs covers, so click on the 'Get Started' button below to join us to have a look on what you will be learning.

Take control by taking action and...

Numbers To Remember

Other Theft

Theft against a person or persons whether at home, work or out socially.

Unlawfult Entry

Breaking and entry into a premises with the intent of committing criminal offense.

Vehicle Theft

Reported number of motor vehicle thefts of goods and or money.

Sexual Assault

Reported number of assulat cases, however this is not the full picture as many assaults go unreported.

Source: ABS2016.Recorded Crime - Victims, Australia 2016

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